An Array of Molecular Diagnostic Information at Your Fingertips

Akonni Biosystems, based in Frederick, Maryland, is a molecular diagnostics company (MDx) that develops, manufactures, and markets integrated molecular diagnostic systems.

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For Clinical Markets

Akonni TruDiagnosis® Systems enable rapid and highly affordable testing for a variety of molecular markers associated with human diseases on a gel-drop microarray platform. This is accomplished by combining in an end-to-end workflow several highly complex laboratory processes, including steps for sample preparation, analysis, and reporting. Multiplexed analyses of clinical samples such as culture, blood, saliva, nasal swab and urine can be performed in 15 minutes for immunoassays to 3 hours for nucleic acid tests depending on intended use. We have solutions for decentralized bench-top testing for near-point-of-care settings and centralized high-throughput testing for reference laboratories. TruDiagnosis Systems comprising TruDx® Readers, TruCycler® Thermal Cyclers, TruArray® Tests and TruTip™ Kits, and are capable of testing for both genetic and antibody-based disease indicators.

For Life Science Research Markets

Akonni TruTip Kits provide life science research and molecular laboratories with an affordable, rapid and robust means of extracting nucleic acids. TruTip Kits deliver inhibitor‐free, PCR‐ready DNA and/or RNA in as few as four minutes, starting from a wide range of sample matrices (e.g., blood, buccal swab, tissue, culture, sputum, urine), sample viscosities, and sample sources, (e.g., bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, humans, animals). TruTip Kits do not require any expensive capital equipment or hazardous organic extractions, and the form factor is extensible to high throughput robotic platforms.

To obtain further information on TruDiagnosis Systems, TruDx Readers, TruArray Tests or TruTip Kits, contact Akonni Biosystems by phone at (301) 698-0101 or by email to

All of Akonni Biosystems tests are currently for Research Use Only, and are not for use in diagnostic procedures. Akonni is interacting with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in order to develop and prepare pre-market notifications seeking clearance to market these products as diagnostic assays in the U.S.