PCR Ready DNA in Minutes

TruTip® On-Demand Solutions Overview

Akonni TruTip uses a patented, innovative nucleic acid binding matrix inserted in a pipette tip. TruTips are available in several formats tailored to the end-user’s throughput needs. Lower throughput samples may be processed using a single or multi-channel electronic pipette. Typical extractions are performed in less than 7 minutes, or 1 minute per extraction with an 8-channel pipette.

TruTip on-demand solutions require no major capital equipment, service contracts, labor intensive processes or hazardous organic solvents. TruTip on-demand solutions are also great for field-based applications, when rapid extractions are required in a “no-electricity”, field setting and without the support of a mobile lab.

TruTip DNA Extraction Results

Extensive testing on the extraction and purification of genomic DNA (gDNA) from saliva has demonstrated highly reproducible yields at concentrations equivalent to those produced by industry-leading systems. Starting with the Oragene® DNA Collection Kits, saliva can be collected and stored at room temperature, providing a simple and inexpensive sample to procss with Akonni’s TruTips.

Extracted gDNA was detected by real-time PCR on the Roche LightCycler® 480, using the Applied Biosystem™ (AB) Quantifiler® Human DNA Quantification Kit. Concentration was calculated based on AB Human DNA Quantifier Standard Curve analysis.

Input/Elution (µL)
Extraction Method
Avg. Ct
Avg. Conc. (ng/µL)
Avg. Yield (µg)
100 / 100 2mL SPT TruTip™ 25.42 ± 0.06 21.97 ± 0.99 2.2
Qiagen® Blood or
Body Fluid
26.03 ± 0.12 13.65 ± 1.12 1.37
50 / 50 1mL SPT TruTip™ 25.48 ± 0.11 21.18 ± 1.69 1.06
Qiagen® Blood or
Body Fluid
26.65 ± 0.27 8.75 ± 1.89 0.44

Table 1: Comparison of Average Ct, concentration and yield between Akonni TruTips and Qiagen columns.

Akonni TruTip Extraction Kit

Figure 1: Representative fluorescence curves from real-time PCR.
A comparison of the TruTip gDNA Kit with 1 mL and 2 mL SPT tips, against the Qiagen® QlAamp® DNA Mini Kit (Blood or Body Fluid Protocol) was performed (n=8 samples ea. for the 1 mL comparison and n=10 samples for the 2 mL comparison). The same amount of input sample and elution volume was used for direct comparison.

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